Texas Instruments INA226 current shunt monitor

Texas Instruments Inc. is offering a current shunt monitor that it claims provides 10-times greater accuracy than competitors, delivering a maximum offset voltage of 10-microvolts (uV) and a maximum gain error of 0.1%.

Designated INA226, this 16-bit, single-chip solution provides fully programmable measurements for current, voltage and power across a digital I2C interface. The INA226 benefits designers working with servers, telecom equipment, computers, power-management devices and testing equipment where accurate power measurements are crucial.   

Key highlights:

  • Single-chip digital solution with I2C interface provides current, voltage and power measurements, simplifying board design and layout constraints with no external mux or ADC required.
  • Industry leading accuracy with a maximum offset voltage of 10-uV and maximum gain error of 0.1 percent results in greater precision at low currents and allows for using smaller shunt resistors, reducing I*R loss.
  • Independently programmable conversion times and sample averaging make it easy to customize to the speed requirements of each system, and reduce software and memory requirements.
  • Maximum quiescent current of 420-uA and maximum shutdown current of 2-uA result in efficient operation that consumes 3.5 percent less power than competitors' discrete solutions, even with the INA226's integrated ADC and power mux.
  • 140-dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and 36-V common mode voltage (CMV) ensure there is little to no change in offset voltage throughout the entire range of operation, simplifying error analysis.  

Pricing : $1.30 in quantities of 1,000.

Availability : Now in a 10-pin MSOP package.

Datasheet : INA226

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