Texas Instruments micro-power op amp targets battery-powered applications

Dallas, Texas — Texas Instruments has introduced a family of precision, micro-power op amps from the company's Burr-Brown product line. The OPA379 family operates within a 1.8 V to 5.5 V supply voltage range and features high performance single-supply operation, very low quiescent current (2.9 µA) and low noise (80 nV/rtHz) relative to the quiescent current. The micro-size packages make the devices ideal for battery-powered applications. The product family offers an impressive unity gain bandwidth/quiescent current ratio of 90 kHz on 2.9 µA and has significantly lower noise than products with similar current consumption. The combination of DC precision specifications – Vos (1.5mV max), CMRR (90dB min), PSRR (10 µV/V max) and AOL (100 dB min) – make this product family very attractive for designs requiring precision with low power consumption. The reduced package size of the OPA379 allows compact designs in a variety of applications including designs with TI's MSP430 low-power microcontrollers, as well as handheld medical instruments, remote sensors, gas detection and wireless metering. The OPA379 (single) and OPA2379 (dual) are available now in SOIC packages. SOT-23 and SC70 versions will be offered in 1Q 2006, along with a quad version, the OPA4379 in a TSSOP package. Texas Instruments Europe , Dallas, Texas.

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