The Diamond Bourse of Canada has established a liaison office in the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, in order to deepen Canada-China diamond trading

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TORONTO, Oct. 6, 2011

TORONTO , Oct. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – The Diamond Bourse of Canada (DBC),
Canada's central diamond exchange, announced the opening of a permanent
liaison office within the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) facility,
China's primary diamond gateway. The DBC's opening of its permanent
China presence came at the conclusion of a formal business visit by a
delegation of Canadian diamond businesses, which was organized as a
collaborative effort by the DBC, the SDE, and the Diamond
Administration of China (DAC). The Canadian diamond delegation sought
to address three primary goals:

  1. To explore possible commercial synergies between Canadian and Chinese
    diamond operations, and establish bilateral trade relations between the
    members of the diamond exchanges.
  2. To establish a China -specific marketing strategy for Canadian diamonds,
    and to educate Chinese consumers on the value of “Brand Canada”.
  3. To advocate the benefits of Canada to potential Chinese investors, and
    to attract direct Chinese investment in various facets of the country's
    emerging diamond industries.

According to the DBC's General Manager, Mr Adam Shubinsky , “Canada has
quickly established itself as the world's third largest producer of
diamonds by value. The market has also seen a steep rise in the demand
from China for polished goods. As major producers and consumers, China
and Canada have much to gain from exploring and seeking mutually
beneficial industry synergies — on all levels of the industry. The
Diamond Bourse of Canada remains committed to exploring any opportunity
that may lead to a strengthening of the various vertical components of
the Canadian industry — from mining and manufacturing, through to
wholesale and retail.”

In addition to that, DBC Chairman, Mr Bhushan Vora , stressed China's
potential future role, as a major market for Canadian polished
diamonds; “We believe that we are faced with a unique opportunity here
to create and establish a distinct value-proposition for Canadian
polished diamonds within the rapidly expanding Chinese diamond market.
On the whole, the average Chinese consumer already has a very favorable
perception of Canada . To capitalize on this foundation though, it is
important that the marketing of Canadian polished diamonds transcend
its usual selling points of ethics, sustainability, or quality and
focus more on selling and marketing 'Canada ' and the idea of Canada , to
the Chinese end consumer.”

Additional Canadian diamond trade missions are expected in the coming

About the DBC:
Established in 2010, with headquarters in the financial district of
Toronto, Ontario , the Diamond Bourse of Canada is the central forum for
the Canadian diamond industry, and Canada's primary diamond exchange
facility and network.

To learn more about the Diamond Bourse of Canada , visit:

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