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The e-car: Electronics technology applied to sustainable mobility, Part 14

The e-car is progressively evolving toward autonomous driving systems which can help the driver. In many cases this may help in dangerous situations like drowsiness or distress, being able to take control of the vehicle and to handle these kinds of situations. The road to the autonomous driving is open (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

Click here for larger image The levels of the autonomous driving (Source: arm)


The levels of the autonomous driving (Source: arm)


The road to autonomous driving passes through the adoption of smart electronic components like microprocessors able to manage the autonomous system by mean of a quick and reliable processing of the data gathered by the sensors integrated into the e-car (see Figure 2):

“The Arm Safety Ready program is a collection of products across the Arm portfolio that have been through various and rigorous levels of functional safety systematic flows and development. It includes our latest collection of Automotive Enhanced IP specifically designed for automotive applications. Customers can be confident that they are receiving reliable functional safety through consistent documentation, processes, and features. The Arm Safety Ready program helps reduce risk and accelerate time to market while fast-tracking the project’s certification phase.”

Figure 2

The Functional safety specific methodologies and technologies of Arm Integrated Circuits Devices (Source: arm)


The Functional safety specific methodologies and technologies of Arm Integrated Circuits Devices (Source: arm)


This field of applications is very interesting; this is the reason why large electronics companies are producing solutions based on an Arm’s core. The Arm processors are the basis of many interesting applications in electronic technology, indeed a leading company in the field of microelectronics, STMicroelectronics, has many solutions based on the Arm core:

“ST’s SPEAr300/600 series, based on ARM®’s ARM926EJ-S core, offers a flexible solution for telecommunications and control applications. The ARM926EJ-S processor is an entry point processor capable of supporting a full operating system. It can be used in many applications, from entry-level consumer devices, to networked industrial control systems

Each product in the SPEAr300/600 series offers a unique mix of peripherals that orient the processor towards certain groupings of applications:

    • SPEAr300 for VoIP and industrial applications.
    • SPEAr310 is oriented towards telecommunications applications with multiple Ethernet ports and UART, iRDA, I²C and USB connectivity.
    • SPEAr320 and SPEAr320S target industrial monitoring, metering and control functions, with strong networking support, embedding a cryptographic accelerator, USB host/device, CAN, SSP and UART interfaces, HMI with LCD, touchscreen support and more. Low power consumption and great I/O flexibility allow BOM efficient solutions.
    • The dual-core SPEAr600 offers greater processing power, as well as high networking and interface connectivity, touchscreen and keyboard support and more.”(Source:

What do you think of the autonomous driving approach? Do you think it will be effective in enhancing driver safety?

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  1. CameronRobertson
    June 13, 2019

    There is so much potential in this industry and manufacturers are already seeing it too. Time is the key factor that will drive this whole industry up and running in no time. From a global viewpoint, this industry isn't backing down as demand has already started to see its peak.

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