The Mobile Revolution

Mobile devices have seen amazing improvements in the last 2-3 decades. Smartphones now have more than 2.5x the computing power of a 1985 Cray-2 supercomputer. They integrate the photographic capabilities of a $3,000 DSLR professional camera and are fast approaching the gaming capabilities of a Playstation 4, with nearly 2 teraFLOPs of compute power.

In total, the modern smartphone has integrated and eliminated the need for over 50 devices including video players, calendars, flashlights, alarm clocks, GPS systems, calculators, MP3 players, photo albums, books and so much more. In so doing, these smartphones have miniaturized these device functions by over 1,000% – a dramatic statistic which contrasts sharply with lack of progress with the power adapters that charge these mobile devices. Chargers have seen virtually no reduction in their size & weight, and the time to charge mobile devices has actually degraded over the last 10-20 years.

The first-generation iPhone took 2 hours to charge fully, and ten years later, the iPhone X now requires 3.5 hours! With the proliferation of cables and connectors across various mobile devices, consumers typically own more than a dozen mobile chargers. Ugh!

A Time for Change in Chargers

As mentioned in my previous blogs, the wide-spread industry adoption of some new standards combined with GaNFast technology is creating a new class of chargers that will simultaneously reduce the size and weight of your chargers, dramatically speed charging times and create universal smart chargers where just one charger can be used to charge all your devices. Yes, that’s right… you can throw away a dozen chargers and replace them with a single, lightweight and compact charger to power them all… and charge in minutes, not hours.

Type C + USB-PD + GaNFast = A New Generation of Chargers!

The industry has a new connector in town and this one means business! Type C (or USB-C) connectors replace 6 different existing connectors and deliver power combined with high speed video, audio and data over the same simple, low-cost and reversible connector. Yes, that’s right – 6 functions in one faster, cheaper and easier to use connector.

Type C connectors are combined with a new smart charging protocol called USB Power Delivery (or USB-PD) which allows the charger to determine dynamically what power is needed by the driven device, and deliver exactly that power. A universal connector with a smart charging protocol creates all new possibilities for charging. However, we still need fast charging and that requires lots of power without big, bulky and heavy adapters. That’s where GaNFast technology completes this trifecta of technologies, enabling a 5-10x increase in power and charging speed without an increase in size or weight. By increasing the switching speed of the charger by 10x or more, while increasing the electrical efficiency, this technology cuts charging times dramatically while reducing the size and weight of the charger. Fast charging without weighing you down!

Putting it all Together

So what do you get when you combine Type C connectors, USB-PD smart charging and GaNFast technology? How about a charger that is about the size of an AC plug and can charge any of your mobile devices in minutes , not hours? Finally, an advance in mobile chargers that can rival the advances we have seen in the mobile devices themselves!

Visit CES Las Vegas & See for Yourself

To see GaNFast charger technology in action, come visit the Navitas booth at CES Las Vegas on January 9-12th . To schedule your appointment, contact Navitas at +1 ThinkGaNIC (+1 844-654-2642) and get ready to go GaNFast!

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