The most-viewed Planet Analog items of 2006

I generally don't like “best of” awards when they are decided by a panel of pundits. When they say, “These are the 100 best movies (or books, or songs) ever (or even, this year),” my response is, “Says who, and by what criteria?”

But we can say with objective precision what the online Planet Analog audience favored this past year. They reflect the wide span of reader interests: capacitive sensing, connecting headphones, using S-parameters, MOSFETs, Spice models, power supplies, filters, audio amplifiers, and noise. Just click on the title to hot-link directly to the story:

1. “The art of capacitive touch sensing”
Mark Lee, Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

2. “Using S-parameter data effectively”
Wilfredo Rivas-Torres, Agilent Technologies

3. “Driving mobile headphones require attention to new details”
Yan Goh, Wolfson Microelectronics

4. “An introduction to depletion-mode MOSFETs”
Linden Harrison, Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.

5. “A Designer’s Guide to CMOS RF Models”
Clyde Washburn, Integre Technologies, LLC

6. “Tutorial: Basics of choosing and designing the best filter for an effective data-acquisition system”

Bonnie C. Baker, Texas Instruments, Inc.
7. “Designing high-power Class D audio power amplifiers”
Jun Honda, International Rectifier Corp.

8. “Use PSpice models to estimate amplifier noise”
Hooman Hashemi, National Semiconductor Corp.

9. “No need to fear: SEPIC outperforms the flyback”
John Betten and Robert Kollman, Texas Instruments Inc.

10. “Strategies for minimizing resistor-generated noise”
Yuval Hernik, Vishay Intertechnology

And the top Under The Hood teardown:

“Sharp Aquos 45-inch LCD TV is analog goldmine”
David Carey, Portelligent

Note that this list differs slightly from the top-article list of my Planet Analog newsletter this week. Why? Here's a hint: It's like when someone tells you “the voltage at point A is 6 volts”, your first reaction should be to ask “that voltage at Point A is measured with respect to where, please?”

In other words, you need a frame of reference or context to understand the data. If you want to know more of the reason for the different lists, despite both being derived from precise web-click data, email me and I'll explain.

See you in 2007.

Bill Schweber , Site Editor, Planet Analog

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