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The NFC, a smart solution to boost the usage of electronic technology in daily life, Part 3

The NFC technology has many potential applications, including the prevention of the forgery of documents that cannot be duplicated, this is realized by a new NFC solution coming in Spain (Figure 1) that:

“The guarantee of having an original document, which cannot be duplicated: here is what offended Tagtum. How does that work? Tagutm Original Doc is the world’s first system for printing original documents, with an unmistakable guarantee of authenticity, verifiable online via an NFC smartphone. Tagutm has designed a printing system with the highest security standards to protect and ensure the authenticity of documents, via an NFC smartphone.

Four key points. The Tagtum Original Doc anti-counterfeiting solution has four key components.

  • A printer equipped with Tagutm NFC technology, which performs the process of reading and assigning unique IDs to each document.
  • A free Android application that allows the end user to verify the authenticity of the document.
  • The document “electronic”, as it features built-in NFC chip, locked so as not to be manipulated.
  • A web application that allows you to manage your documents through a browser.
Figure 1. The “Tagtum Original Doc, the NFC solution against forgery of documents”
(Source: NFC APP)

Moreover, STMicroelectronics has developed a series of instructive video to show the importance of interaction of NFC with mobile applications (Figure 2):

STMicro NFC eval board
Figure 2. The STEVAL-SMARTAG1 evaluation board integrates a dynamic NFC tag solution, an ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU, a three-axis linear accelerometer, piezo-resistive absolute pressure sensor which functions as a digital output barometer, a capacitive digital sensor for relative humidity and temperature, and a linear regulator

Another fundamental aspect of NFC prototyping is its interaction with mobile applications, which is why we also have a video on iOS processes and developments. We show how engineers can use tags that iPhones can recognize in the background and go into the creation of a dedicated application. It can get confusing because not all iPhones support background tag reading. Additionally, implementing features on iOS can take a lot of time, which is why we also release the code source of our iOS applications to help developers write their programs faster. The video below thus serves as a significant first step as it will direct viewers to the right mobile apps and development platforms. It also shows what engineers can conceive with our tools. In this particular demonstration, a STEVAL-SMARTAG1 sits in an ice bucket and records changes in temperatures. It then transmits the information to the phone when the latter scans the tag on the PCB. It’s an interesting proof-of-concept because it goes far beyond traditional applications.” (Source: ST Blog)

Do you believe in NFC module’s possibilities? Will it be successful?

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