Thermistor accurately tracks the refrigerant temperature

St. Mary's, PA&#8212Spectrum Sensors and Controls' Sens-A-Coil sensor, for accurately monitoring the refrigerant temperature in condenser and evaporator coils, integrates a fast-responding thermistor element into a plastic overmolded copper clip specially designed to snap onto 3/8-inch return bends.

Sens-A-Coil features a sensor housed in a small bulb which is attached to the copper clips. This design maximizes the sensing surface area, and thus the sensing element will quickly react to any changes in the refrigerant temperature. Traditional designs, according to the company, use a number of “thermowell” or strap-on designs that are either difficult and time consuming to install or, because of the mechanical coupling arrangement, do not accurately track the refrigerant temperature. The Sens-A-Coil can be installed without any tools.

Click here to access the sensor's basic specifications. Contact Devin Brock for a detailed datasheet. The Sens-A-Coil is available in 5- and 10-kilohm models and comes with a 10 foot AWG#22 PVC jacketed cable. As such, it's also suited for use in HVAC diagnostic equipment and tools. The sensors are priced at approximately $5.50 each in 1k pieces. Lead time is stock to 4 weeks. Contact Devin Brock.

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