These differential amplifiers drive the complete range of A/D converters

Norwood, MA (May 27, 2004) – Analog Devices' newest fully differential high-speed amplifiers are designed to deliver the industry's best combination of low noise, low distortion and wide dynamic range”ideal for driving high-speed, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The newest members of the extensive portfolio of Analog Devices differential amplifiers are the AD8139 and AD8137. They are designed to address the performance required to drive 12- to 18-bit ADCs that are critical in high-bandwidth instrumentation, communications, military and industrial applications.

* The AD8139 differential amp simplifies the challenge of driving 16-and 18-bit, high-speed ADCs with its optimal combination of low noise, low distortion and rail-to-rail output.
* The AD8137 is a low-power, low-cost, high-speed differential amp for driving 12-bit battery-operated data acquisition systems and other systems sensitive to power and cost

About the AD8139
With 1.9 nV/rt-Hz input referred noise, 115 dBc SFDR (spurious-free dynamic range) at 1 MHz, and 370 MHz bandwidth, the AD8139 is well balanced for driving high-speed, high-resolution 16- and 18-bit ADCs. Rail-to-rail output allows the amplifier's entire dynamic range to be used without headroom constraints, enabling the AD8139 to drive 16-bit and higher resolution ADCs on only a 5-V supply.

About the AD8137
The AD8137 is the lowest-power, lowest-cost differential amplifier available on the market. It provides a rail-to-rail output stage, 110 MHz bandwidth, and a 450 V/us slew rate, while consuming only 1.8 mA of quiescent current. The AD8137 is ideal for battery-operated applications and 10- to 14-bit data acquisition systems. The AD8137 offers a wide supply-voltage range, from 3 V to 12 V.

Both the AD8139 and the AD8137 are sampling in both standard 8-lead SOIC (small outline integrated circuit) and tiny 8-lead LFCSP (lead-frame chip-scale) packaging. Production quantities are available for both devices in the 8-lead SOIC. Both are rated to work from -40°C to +125°C. The AD8139 and AD8137 are priced at $3.59 and $1.09 per unit, respectively, in 1,000-piece quantities.

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AD8139 data sheet

AD8137 data sheet

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