Thin Digital Amplifiers from D2Audio are Customizable

Austin, Texas — D2Audio Corp. announced two amplifier products targeting mainstream audio systems: the MXM for multi-room distributed audio systems and the MXR for audio video receivers and home theaters.

These amplifiers feature high power, superior sonic quality and performance of up to 125 W into an 8 Ω speaker and less than 0.05% THD+N. The MXR and MXM are complete amplifier solutions that deliver market leading signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance at greater than 105 dB and with a dynamic range of 145 dB. They also provide the power and efficiency of a digital amplifier while offering customers a wide range of customization.

The MXR and the MXM offer a stream lined package, only 1.2
inches tall, allowing manufacturers to deliver the high power and performance into today's new thin lifestyle packages.

“D2Audio's module promises breakthrough performance in the
70-125 Watt arena,” said Will Strauss, president and principal analyst of Forward Concepts, Tempe, Ariz. “Furthermore, D2Audio has moved beyond their original intelligent amplifiers, which actively optimize sound, to
offering a higher level of truly advanced, intelligent features in a package the height and length of a video tape,” he added.

This design focus of the MXR and MXM enables maximum flexibility for engineers, said D2Audio's chief technology officer, Dr. Skip Taylor. For example, the same 125-W, 8-Ω product can provide up to 215 W in a 6-Ω design. The customization and the robust design allow these amplifiers to be used in a variety of designs,” he said.

The MXR, MXM also deliver new advanced intelligence features:

*Listening Environment Optimizer Lite (LEOL)

This feature adjusts and refines the amplifier's sound, taking into consideration the audience's location in the room, the size of the room and speakers to which it is connected. LEO also recognizes and optimizes for acoustic imperfections, such as tonal imbalances and impedance inconsistencies from different speakers
and non-ideal speaker placement.

*Graceful protection

Reacting similarly to a linear amplifier, Graceful Protection enables a graceful shutdown response when the amplifier is faced with inappropriate or abnormal operating power conditions. Unlike competitive solutions, which simply shut off, the D2Audio amplifier solution gracefully handles overload or exaggerated thermal conditions gracefully and without compromising the integrity of the product.

*Automatic Frequency Response Correction (AFRC)

Often in digital audio systems, the sound is altered due to the complex impedances of speakers and their associated passive audio processing circuitry. AFRC lets listeners enjoy crystal clear sound by automatically correcting for the muffling of high frequencies that result from these imperfect speaker components.

*Speaker Detect

Speaker Detect, one of the firmware options available with the D2Audio amplifier module, is designed to make initial set-up and configuration easier for the consumer. It eliminates the arduous user task of having to go through a set-up menu and program the receiver for each speaker
present (L, C, R, Ls, Rs, Sb/Sbl, Sbr, and Sub) It automatically detects the different types of Home Theater speaker set-ups and adjusts accordingly. Speaker Detect takes a channel by channel “roll call” and
recalibrates the output signals.

*Speaker Equalization (SPEQ)

SPEQ further eases user set-up and additionally improves sound quality by equalizing the frequency response of the speakers and eliminating speaker resonances using an integrated full parametric equalizer.Corrected response curves for speakers can be stored within the system
and can then be automatically applied to specific speakers when identified by the user.

Pricing, based on 5,000-piece units is $115.00 for the MXR125-7 (7-channel amplifier at 125 W per channel), and $125 for the MXM100-8 (8-channel amplifier at 100 W per channel). A variety of watts and channels are available.

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