Three-axis MEMS motion sensor has absolute analog output

Geneva, Switzerland – Designed with space and cost-constrained battery-operated devices in mind, STMicroelectronics' LIS352AX 3-axis accelerometer operates at any supply voltage within the 2.16V to 3.6V range and is said to be extremely stable for both zero-g offset and sensitivity, over temperature and time.

This 3-axis motion sensor provides acceleration values in the form of absolute analog outputs. By taking advantage of internal regulated voltage, ST claims that the measurements are insensitive to the typical variations in power-supply voltage that occur in battery-operated devices, such as mobile phones and other portable devices. Among the benefits cited by ST of this approach are that equipment manufacturers can save space and cost by connecting the sensor directly to the battery without a separate voltage regulator; they also gain design flexibility, since the sensor is compatible with any power supply voltage used in a given application.

One of the headline advantages of this part over competitors, says ST, is its stability. With the offset drift or temperature variation said to be around plus or minus 0.3mg/oC, additional temperature compensation shouldn't be needed.
The part, which is already sampling, comes in a robust, 3 x 5 x 1mm3 plastic package, providing high immunity to vibration and shock (up to 10,000g). Built-in self-test functionality allows the customer to verify the functioning of the sensor after it has been assembled on board. More information can be found at ST’s website

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