TI ‘6743 DSP combines fixed and floating point with connectivity

Commack, NY &#151 Combining the ease-of-use and precision of floating-point programming with the connectivity and lower-cost options of fixed-point devices, Texas Instruments Inc. today announced the availability of the TMS320C6743 DSP.

Based on the TMS320C674x core, the new low-power device couples the precision and dynamic range of TI's floating-point TMS320C67x core with the system performance of its fixed-point TMS320C64x+ core.

Additionally, the C6743 is object-code compatible with all TMS320C6000 devices and integrates multiple connectivity options, such as an Ethernet MAC (EMAC) and multimedia card/secure digital (MMC/SD) peripherals.

Together, this makes the DSP ideal for applications including audio conferencing, power protection systems, industrial monitoring and test and measurement products, such as oscilloscopes. For full details, including datasheets, tools and support and block diagrams, click here.

Other key features include: scalable and pin-to-pin compatible with C674x and TI's OMAP-L137 low-power devices; efficient EDMA 3.0 engine; 192 Kbytes of on-chip memory; low power consumption with 490mW total power and 60mW in standby mode.

Pricing, availability and tools
The TMDX320C6743 DSP is available for sampling and is priced at USD $7.85 for quantities of 1,000 units. To jumpstart designs, developers can use the OMAP-L1x/C674x Starter Kit, TMDXOSKL137BET, which is priced at USD $395, includes a board-specific Code Composer Studio IDE and supports DSP/BIO kernels.

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