TI boasts tiniest 500mA step-down DC/DC converter

Designed for space-constrained applications, particularly handheld device, Texas Instruments (TI) latest 500mA, step-down DC/DC converter is said to be the smallest and thinnest yet. The 6MHz, 500mA converter comes in a 0.9 x 1.3mm package with a height of just 0.6mm – a size that the company likens to a flake of pepper.

The TPS62601 converter achieves up to 89 percent power efficiency and a typical operating quiescent current of 30uA. According to TI, the fixed frequency of 6MHz means that this synchronous, switch-mode device requires just one 0.47uH inductor and two ceramic capacitors, without compromising performance and efficiency.

The TPS62601 is said to have a DC voltage regulation accuracy of +/- 1.5 percent. The voltage range is 2.3V to 5.5V, whilst a 1.8V output means that it can support single-rail voltage requirements, as designers add new features and functionality.

Additional features include several energy-saving techniques to help maximise battery run-time. For example, the converter automatically enters a power save mode during light-load operating conditions via an automatic pulse frequency modulation and pulse width modulation switching feature. In shutdown mode, the device's current consumption is reduced to less than 1uA.

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