TI delivers first 65nm device to wireless market

Dallas, TX— Texas Instruments, Incorporated announced it is delivering “the industry's first 65-nm device for the wireless market” in the form of fully-functional wireless digital baseband devices from its advanced 65-nanometer (nm) CMOS process technology.

The devices are optimized to extend battery life. For example, they employ the company's SmartReflex dynamic power management technology, which automatically scales power supply voltage based on user performance demands and helps control power consumption by processors. By closely monitoring circuit speed, this feature can dynamically adjust voltages to meet exact performance requirements.

The design also incorporates back-biasing of SRAM memory blocks and retention flip-flop circuitry that allows voltages to drop extremely low in idle mode, without requiring a rewrite of logic or memory content.

The devices are available in several configurations. For instance, a very low power version extends battery life in portable products such as third-generation (3G) wireless handsets, digital cameras and audio players. A mid-range product supports digital-signal-processing (DSP)-based products and high-performance ASICs for communications infrastructure products. The high-performance version supports Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC family of 64-bit processors.

The 65-nm process will support the company's DRP architecture in future products to integrate digital RF functionality in single-chip wireless solutions.

The process includes up to 11 layers of copper interconnect integrated with a low-k dielectric, organosilicate Glass (OSG), with a dielectric constant of 2.8 to 2.9. Other improvements include an induced strain on the transistor channel during chip processing to increase electron and hole mobility; nickel silicide to lower both gate and source/drain resistance, and ultra-shallow source/drain junctions. Offset spacers allow independent optimization of the NMOS and PMOS transistors.

TI's 65-nm process is planned for both 200mm and 300mm production, with fully qualified production expected in late 2005.

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