TI integrates more functions into AFE5809

Texas Instruments has integrated digital I/Q demodulation and decimation into an analog front end to reduce FPGA processing requirements in ultrasound systems as well as ultrasonic applications, such as sonar and non-destructive testing.

The AFE5809 also integrates a continuous wave Doppler processor for blood flow velocity measurement on-chip, thereby reducing the bill of materials in medical ultrasound equipment, according to TI.

It features the industry’s lowest noise of 0.75 nV/rtHz and the industry’s lowest power consumption of 158 mW/channel, according to the company.

Each 14-bit, 65 MSPS analog-to-digital converter in the AFE5809 provides a 77-dBFS signal-to-noise ratio.

The AFE5809EVM evaluation module is available now for $299. A TINA-TI SPICE model is also available.

The AFE5809 is available now in a 15-mm by 9-mm, 135-pin BGA package for a suggested retail price of $87 in quantities of 1,000.

All AFE58xx devices are complemented on the transmit side by TI’s LM96530/TX810 T/R switch, LM96550 pulser and LM96570 transmit beamformer.

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