TI launches 216-kHz stereo A/D converters with 124-dB dynamic range

Dallas, Texas—Texas Instruments Inc. developed a pair of 24-bit, 216-kHz A/D converters, completing its audio signal chain for professional digital audio recording and processing applications.

According to TI, the PCM4220 and PCM4222 dual-channel devices combine high integration with the highest dynamic range in the industry of up to 124-dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) while still reducing power consumption by 50 percent compared to competing products.

The PCM4220 and PCM4222 integrate an on-chip, linear phase decimation filtering engine that supports both classic and low group delay filter responses, allowing designers to optimize the device for either studio or live sound applications.

The PCM4222 enables designers to achieve system flexibility through a 6-bit modulator output that bypasses the digital decimation filter. This option provides versatility to create a digital filter in an FPGA, further customizing the performance for end-product differentiation.

Both devices simplify board layout and system partitioning with a time division multiplex function that allows OEMs to daisy chain up to four devices into a single serial port on a DSP or FPGA.

The PCM4220 and PCM4222 consume 305=mW of power at 48 kHz, easing power supply design and enabling the option to power computer audio interfaces entirely through USB or Firewire bus.

Pricing: The PCM4222 is $14.95 and the PCM4220 is $9.95 each in quantities of 1,000 units.

Availability: Now in 48-pin TQFP packages.

Datasheets: PCM4220 and PCM4222.

Texas Instruments Inc., 1-972-644-5580,

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