TI Reveals Forthcoming ADCs With Embedded Clocking

Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, Texas, plans to be the first to market analog-to-digital converters (A/D converters) that utilize low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) that include an embedded clock and 8B/10B encoding, according to Ed Fullman, marketing manager for TI's high-speed communications group. TI's yet to be announced serialized LVDS A/D converters utilize a SERDES approach. Essentially, embedding clocking into the serial stream reduces the number of interface signals. Instead of having an explicit clock and explicit frame to define the boundaries of the word, all of that information will now be embedded into the serial stream, Fullman explained. With only one serial stream and no explicit clock or explicit frame, this will become the simplest of all interfaces from a layout perspective, Fullman said. The A/D converters will also offer pin compatibility between different resolutions and speeds. Check out the story on A/D converters that utilize LVDS Oct 25 in EE Times ProductWeek, and keep checking back on-line at eeProductCenter for additional information.

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