TI rolls out multi-standard, triple consumer video amplifier line

Dallas, Tex.—Texas Instruments Inc. is offering a family of flexible three-channel integrated video buffers optimized for consumer video applications.

The family consists of the THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316, which support HDTV, SDTV and a variety of digital media processors, such as TI's DaVinci processors. The amplifiers incorporate a fifth-order Butterworth filter, which can be used as an encoder's D/A converter reconstruction filter. The THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 provide video buffering by rejecting D/A converter images for better video quality in consumer applications such as set-top boxes, USB-powered video, portable video recorders and other video applications.

The THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 offer design flexibility as the inputs can be configured for either AC- or DC-coupled applications. The family can support a single 3-V to 5-V supply, eliminating the need for a separate 5-V supply. The devices' rail-to-rail output allows AC- or DC-output coupling so that designers can use 3.3-V supply without headroom issues. The ability for each channel to drive two video lines, or 75-ohms loading, allows for maximum flexibility as a video line driver.

The THS7314, THS7315 and THS7316 are available now in an 8-pin SOIC lead-free (RoHS compatible) and green-compliant package.

Pricing: In quantities of 1,000 is $0.40 for the THS7314, $0.50 for the THS7315 and $0.55 for the THS7316.
Availability: Samples and evaluation modules are available.
Datasheets: THS7314, THS7315, and THS7316.

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