TI touts fastest 16-bit successive-approximation ADC

Dallas, Texas&#8212Texas Instruments ADS8422 sets claim to the fastest 16-bit successive approximation register ADC in the industry&#8212 33 percent faster than the nearest competitive device, according to the company. It's billed as a 4 MSPS device that sacrifices neither AC or DC performance, and thus is suited to medical imaging, test and measurement, industrial automation, and scientific instrumentation.

“The ADS8422 combines best-in-class speed with superior precision specifications, enabling customers to push the boundaries in their advanced applications,” said Art George, senior vice president.

The ADS8422 offers 92 dB signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion of -102 dB, 2 LSB integral nonlinearity, +1.5/-1 LSB differential nonlinearity, &plusmn0.5 mV offset voltage over temperature, less than 0.2 ppm/&degC offset drift, &plusmn0.1 percent gain error, and 2 ppm/&degC gain drift.

The device has a fully differential input with pseudo bipolar input range (-4 to +4 volts) and includes either a full 16-bit interface or two 8-bit option modes so data can be read in cycles. Other features include an internal 4.096-volt reference and reference buffer, single-supply operation, and guaranteed operation over the industrial temperature range of -40 to +85&degC.

The company provides customers with an advanced signal chain solution for high-speed, high-precision applications including an extensive portfolio of wideband amplifiers to drive the analog inputs of the ADS8422. These include the THS4031, THS4131, and the OPA2613. The ADS8422 includes a separate I/O supply to simplify the digital interface and will work with the company's TMS320 DSP platform.

Click here for the product datasheet. The ADS8422 is sampling now, with volume production scheduled for 3Q. The device, available in a 48-pin TQFP package, sells for $31.95 in 1k pieces (suggested resale pricing). Evaluation modules are available.

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