TI unveils family of SAR ADCs with high-voltage inputs

Texas Instruments Incorporated has introduced a family of 16-, 14- and 12-bit simultaneous sampling successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with high-voltage inputs.

The ADS8556, ADS8557 and ADS8558 offer a sampling range of 730 kSPS and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) up to 91.5 dB, and include the industry's only simultaneous sampling ADC that offers true, 16-bit no missing codes (NMC) performance. The new ADCs allow designers to maximize performance when connecting to a wide range of inputs or sensor types in applications including multi-axis motor control, simultaneous data acquisition, robotics, power quality management and power protection.

Key features and benefits

  • SNR of 91.5 db (typical) is up to 3.5 db better than the competition, for higher resolution of dynamic range signals; sampling rate of 730 kSPS per channel is more than twice that of the closest competitor

    – ADS8556 (16-bit) 91.5 SNR; 2x faster
    – ADS8557 (14-bit) 85 SNR; 2.5x faster
    – ADS8558 (12-bit) 73.9 SNR; ˜3x faster

  • True bipolar inputs with software-selectable input ranges up to ±12 V allow easy connectivity to a wide range of inputs and sensors
  • Low power dissipation of 298.5 mW at maximum data rate; 150 mW at 250 kSPS
  • Excellent performance and external conversion for multiple device synchronization, resulting in flexible and expandable systems

  • The device's performance is maximized when used with TI's low-noise operational amplifiers: the low-noise, high-precision OPA827 featuring a FET input for high-impedance output sources; and the OPA211, TI's low-power, lowest noise ±18-V op amp. These ADCs work well with many microcontrollers and embedded controllers, including TI's TMS320F2812.

Availability and pricing

The ADS8556 is available today in an LQFP-64 package and is pin-compatible with the 14-bit ADS8557 and the 12-bit ADS8558. Pricing in 1,000-unit quantities is $15.95 (ADS8556), $10.95 (ADS8557) and $8.95 (ADS8558).





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