TigerLogic Launches Postano, a Social Media Postcasting Platform

Postano's sleek design helps brands integrate their social media activity into their websites

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IRVINE, Calif., June 21, 2011

IRVINE, Calif. , June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) announced the release of Postano, a postcasting platform that allows brands to consolidate all of their best social media and news activity from across the Web and incorporate posts seamlessly on their websites.

Postano pulls in activity from multiple social media sources, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, RSS, MRSS, and Google News. The content is then integrated into a website as a sleek, customizable interface that resembles an art directed magazine-like layout.

“Brands have made a huge investment in social media, but are sometimes at a loss on how to integrate it into their brand environment,” said Rick Koe , Interim President and CEO at TigerLogic. “Postcasting will revolutionize the way that brands maintain and control their social content, which can now be monetized through their websites.”

There are two versions of Postano: one where users/brands are able to embed the experience directly into their website, complete with the ability to integrate custom fonts and colors, to create a brand-right environment; and a free version that allows individuals to aggregate and share social content through a dedicated vanity URL, hosted by TigerLogic.  

“Postano is a brand's virtual town hall, continuously buzzing with the best stories told through articles, pictures, videos and links that the community cares about. It puts brand managers back in control of the unwieldy news and conversations surrounding a brand, and helps them spread in-demand stories to more fans in a way that maintains brand standards and gives their sites a social life,” said Cliff Torng , Vice President of Marketing at TigerLogic.

Postano enables brands to automate and control the social experience of their company in a new manner, amplifying their current content creation efforts and extending the reach of social media posts. A filtering feature to block posts and highlight specific content allows brands to promote specific campaigns or brand initiatives. Content is updated automatically in real-time and allows followers and fans to view, like, and share content without ever leaving the brand's website.

Leveraging TigerLogic's yolink hyperlink search technology (patent pending), Postano also enables consumers to easily search and find relevant content based on keywords. By creating a database of social and news content on a wide variety of topics, Postano offers a fully searchable platform, allowing users to find relevant social content for everything from sports teams to fashion to celebrities to brands.

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About Postano:

Postano is a postcasting platform that allows brands and individuals to consolidate all of their best social and news content from across the Web and share it in real-time.  By alleviating the cost and time to keep websites fresh and relevant, Postano bridges the gap between a brand's social content and their website.  Postano is the best way for brands to give their site a social life.

About Yolink:

Yolink is a search enhancement technology that helps you find information and get things done quickly. Yolink extracts information from behind links and inside of documents, surfacing key information from unwieldy result sets.  Yolink is generally available via its API, and through blogger and site search widgets. TigerLogic also offers a browser plugin and desktop search application for those who want to use yolink across the web or an individual computer. For more information, please visit

About TigerLogic Corporation:

TigerLogic Corporation (Nasdaq: TIGR) has been providing reliable data management and rapid application deployment solutions for ISVs and developers of database applications for more than three decades. TigerLogic's installed customer base includes more than 500,000 active users representing more than 20,000 customer sites worldwide, with a significant base of diverse vertical applications.  With employees and contractors worldwide, TigerLogic offers 24×7 customer support services and maintains an international presence. More information about TigerLogic and its products can be found at

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