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It was one of those days where I mostly looked forward. By the time I looked back, I was surprised as to what I had accomplished. I really don’t have time to reevaluate every day on this earth however I do realize that being on the back side of fifty, it’s important to me to make them all count. So this day seemed to have no significance in my effort to make the most of each and every day. And then I realized that this day was as special as it was ordinary. A lot had occurred yet there was a lot that hadn’t progressed either.

“What was it that made this day special?” I pondered.

Then I realized that the day was (mostly) stress free and things had fallen into place without conflict. I then further realized that time management was the key.

I’ll save the list of accomplishments for the end of this blog. I’ll start by presenting how time management played a part in the day. It was rather simple in terms of scheduling. There were goals that had a deadline and those that didn’t. There were also subjects that were more important than others thus prioritization was necessary. Multitasking also played a role. The day was like any other as unexpected things popped up and had to be dealt with.

The day began about 5:30 when I awoke after a night that was complete sleep with one short period of being awake. I perform best after nights such as this. I realize that being allowed to wake up without an alarm results in my optimal performance. I am so lucky to have a business that allows me to schedule my time.

The day is not over at this point. It’s 10:40 PM as I write this. My online meeting ended an hour and a half ago. I completed my workout around 10 PM.

The morning had been extremely productive. By 8 AM I had applied for a dream job of writing about magnetics, a subject I really enjoy. I had also sent a fax that was due prior to 9:15 AM. I then dropped the trailer I had been dragging around with the monster truck on it from the Memorial Day parade two days prior. It was around 11 when a friend called and I realized I had to get to the bank and make a payment by noon. Here’s where the only stress of the day occurred. The bank messed up the money order and had to redo the printing of it as well as make sure the amount was not charged to the account twice. Then there was the one lane construction where the crew allows one direction to pass while stopping the other. I barely submitted the payment in time at 11:58 AM.

My scheduled goals subsided after noon only to pick up again for my 7:30 PM meeting. During the in between time I sent another fax in response to my first fax, adjusted a patent as per an inventor’s request, submitted the patent to the illustrator, received the patent back, then forwarded it to the editor. While returning from the bank, the phone rang and I let it go to voicemail as I was driving at the time. Upon returning home I played the voicemail which was a request for my monster truck to appear at the town rodeo, an event I had been trying to attend for two years (this was my third try). I responded to the requestor and then sent an email to the insurance company turning up the heat on my quote request as insurance is required for public appearances. The quote was returned shortly and the cost was a grand less than previous due to some persistence on my part. I tabled the response as I had to look at the return on investment prior to committing.

An email came in about my invitation to be a guest artist in a Scottsdale gallery. I responded to that as well. It was now three o’clock and I had to prioritize the rest of my day if it was going to work. I had a patent that needed writing. I had two weeks of effort into it already due to numerous changes by the inventor as well as the complexity of the design. I knew my brain wasn’t capable of providing the focus required to explain the invention while paring it down to a decent number of claims without it becoming too narrow. It was too windy to set up the easel and complete a painting that had gone untouched for over a month.

I chose instead to hike passing the pile of parts in the garage the needed to go into my Scout if the new tires were to fit properly. I spent some time freeing up the memory in phone in an effort to turn the memory monitor bars from red to blue so I could download Skype in the event I wanted to attend my meeting while at the live Wednesday concert. That idea was quickly squashed when it became apparent that Skype requires access to SMS messaging, an area containing information I’d rather not share. In addition to uploading the files to my computer, I stored them in a second, undisclosed location as well. I then went out for the Wednesday chicken wing special and walked a mile around the lake to the Wednesday lake concert. Live music was why I chose this mountain paradise that I live in. I try to work it in every day that I can along with exercise. I walked a mile back to my vehicle and drove home. Along the walk I had a conversation with a friend and texted three others.

I returned home and fired up Skype at 7:26 in time for my meeting. Around 7:40 I was feeling guilty for not having worked my shoulders in three weeks. At 7:50 I put my shorts on and took the computer down to my Pilate’s machine and dumb bells in the garage. I worked out during the entire meeting while monitoring the conversation (which was really more of an instruction session for creating provisional patents). This was the multitasking portion of my day. I had also multitasked at the lake concert by networking with a caricature artist and a food vendor for possible bundled appearances with the monster truck at children’s events and car shows.

As I mentioned earlier, I completed the workout around 10 PM and then began this article around 10:40 after some Facebook socializing and checking email. It had been a busy day yet mostly stress free due to time management. It’s now 11:20 PM and I’m exhausted yet proud of the day’s accomplishments. I should sleep well.

Please share your time management secrets with our readers.

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    July 20, 2016

    Thanks for the info, I didn't knew that.

    Keep it up, thanks!

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