Tiny Amplifiers Require no External Components to Set Gain

Milpitas, Calif. — Responding to demands for highly flexible design solutions to support a wide variety of applications, Linear Technology introduces the LT1991 precision and LT1995 high-speed gain selectable amplifiers, which don't need external components.

Unlike traditional amplifier solutions that require external resistors to set the gain, this new amplifier family includes precision resistors on-board. The result is a one-chip solution that can be easily configured into various gain circuits by simply pin-strapping the device. Users can configure the LT1991 and LT1995 as difference, summing, inverting or non-inverting amplifiers with various gain options without using any external components. These highly versatile amplifiers allow designers to reduce the bill of materials (BOM) and to use a single chip to perform multiple amplifier tasks.

The LT1991 combines a precision micropower operational amplifier with eight precision resistors to form a single chip solution for accurately amplifying voltages with better than 0.04% gain accuracy. The amplifier has excellent DC characteristics with input offset voltage of less than 50 μV and input offset current of 50 pA. The low offset voltage drift of 1 μV/°C, combined with gain drift below 3 ppm/°C, results in stable operation over temperature. The LT1991 has a rail-to-rail output and operates on supplies from 2.7 V to 36 V. It draws less than 110 μA on a single 5-V supply, making it suitable for low voltage, low power instrumentation applications.

The matching accuracy and tempcos for the LT1991 and LT1995 mean both closed loop gain and common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) will be solid over time and temperature, said Linear Tech design manager, Bill Jett.

The LT1995 integrates a high-speed amplifier with eight precision resistors in a tiny MSOP-10 package. The amplifier features superb slewing characteristics, 1000 V/μs, and fast settling time, 100 ns to 0.1%, resulting in excellent AC characteristics. The LT1995 operates on supply voltages from ±2.5 V to ±15 V. It makes a suitable choice in applications such as data acquisition cards in industrial and process control, ATE cards, current tester boards, satellite receiver cards, communications and optical networking equipment, semiconductor fab equipment and medical imaging systems.

Offered in the 10-lead MSOP package, the LT1991 and LT1995 are specified for operation over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Pricing, in 1,000-piece quantities, starts at $1.39 each for the LT1991 precision amplifier and $1.89 each for the LT1995 high-speed amplifier.

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