Tiny dual LDOs aimed at portable and RF applications

Micrel Inc., a provider of analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, offers a dual ultra-low dropout voltage (ULDO) linear regulator. The MIC5330 is part of a new family of dual LDOs offering ultra low dropout voltage of 75mV@300mA, more than 70dB power supply ripple rejection (PSRR) and ultra low output noise. The part is offered in a tiny 2 mm x 2 mm 8 pin leadless MLF package making it ideal for today's most demanding portable applications including cellular phone RF power, camera modules, imaging sensors for digital still and video cameras, PDAs, portable media players (PMP) and PC cameras. The IC is currently available in volume, with pricing starting at $0.66 for 1K quantity.

“Current requirements in today's portable equipment are on the rise as performance and functionality increase,” noted Ralf Muenster, Micrel's Director of Marketing for Power Products. “Micrel's new MIC5330 with its exceptional thermal performance, diminutive size and high current capability, delivers an impressive 150mA/mm2 enabling small form factor designs. The device also offers the industry's lowest dropout for a 300mA dual LDO, allowing longer battery life and high PSRR under low input to output voltage conditions encountered when powering RF circuitry from a Li-Ion battery.”

The MIC5330 integrates two independently-controlled, high performance LDOs that offer exceptional transient performance while requiring only very small and inexpensive 1uF ceramic capacitors. Both LDOs feature a low quiescent current of 75μA per output, a fast turn-on time of 30μsec, current limit and thermal shutdown protection, and can operate from -40°C to 125°C.


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