Tiny LED driver boasts high power

San Jose, Calif. — Micrel Inc. says it has developed the industry's tiniest and most powerful LED driver for portable applications that enables designers to enhance their integrated cameras with a high-brightness LED flash that consumes minimal board space and battery life. The 7-watt MIC2298 high-efficiency boost switching regulator is housed in a 3 x 3-mm MLF package, targeting photoflash and torchlight applications in mobile phones, personal data assistants (PDAs) and digital cameras.

The MIC2298 boost LED driver offers a guaranteed switch current of 3.5 A allowing the device to deliver 1 A into two high-brightness WLEDs connected in series. This enables a powerful flash that improves picture quality, particularly in 2 Megapixel and higher cameras, said Micrel. The LED brightness can be dynamically controlled by applying a voltage or PWM signal to the brightness pin.

The IC operates at a fixed 1-MHz switching frequency with greater than 86 percent efficiency, which enables longer battery life. The MIC2298 solution requires only a tiny 2.2 uH inductor and small ceramic capacitors, making the footprint very compact while lowering the total solution cost. In addition, the solution operates from an input voltage range of 2.5 V to 10 V, which is consistent with the operating range of single and dual cell Li-ion batteries, said the company.

Pricing: Available in volume, prices start at $1.65 for 1,000 quantities.
Product information: MIC2298

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