Tiny RF MEMS switch targeted at T&M gear

LONDON — Omron Electronic Components has started sampling a 10GHz RF MEMS switch, offering a typical insertion loss of 1dB at 8GHz in a tiny package measuring 5.2 x 3.0 x 1.8mm.

The part is targeted at the automatic test equipment, RF test instruments and similar applications.

Dubbed the 2SMES-01, the MEMS switch — said to be the smallest of its type to hit the market — has excellent RF transmission performance and very low power consumption compared to standard electromechanical devices.

Omron says many instrumentation applications use banks of switching devices, and the miniature size of the new device provides a significant opportunity to save space and reduce overall system dimensions.

The first switches are being released in SPDT form.

Omron says it was able to get the switch to such dimensions because of its long term development of and expertise in MEMS design techniques and the manufacturing of 3-dimensional MEMS devices in volume.

The contact life of 100 million operations for the switch /relay is said to result from the use of both contact-forming and wafer-level-packing techniques.

The 2SMES-01 switch has an insertion loss of 1.0dB at 10GHz (typically, at a matching impedance of 50 ohms). It has a rated operating temperature of -20 to +85 degrees centigrade and typical power consumption of 10µW.

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