Tiny temp sensors ensure accuracy

Hauppauge, New York — SMSC said its single-wire digital BudgetBus interface architecture results in smaller, lower cost temperature sensors.

SMSC designed the EMC1200-series family of temperature sensors to communicate with its KBC11xx keyboard controller family via the interface.

The EMC1200-series of temperature sensors, designed for mobile and desktop computers, meet or beat industry performance standards with an external temperature accuracy rate of ± 1°C and an ambient temperature accuracy rate of ±3°C, said Mark Beadle, SMCC's director of product marketing of computing platform solutions.

The temp sensor family consists of: the EMC1201 ambient temperature sensor; the EMC1202 dual-temperature sensor; the EMC1203 triple-temperature sensor; the EMC1204 quad-temperature sensor; and the EMC1212 dual-temperature sensor.

SMSC is also introducing the EMC1043 (triple-temp sensor for dual-core servers) and the EMC1053 (triple-temp sensor for embedded applications).

Both the EMC1043 and EMC1053 employ SMSC's hottest of two zones technology, “which allows designers to configure the device in such a way as to determine the hottest of the external zones measured, offloading from the host processor the burden of comparing temperatures and identifying the hottest source,” Beadle said. Instead of polling two temperature registers and deciding which is hotter — the processor only reads one temperature register representing the hotter of the two external temperatures, Beadle explained.

The EMC1043 and EMC1053 both meet or beat industry temperature sensing performance with an external temperature accuracy rate of ±1°C, and an ambient temperature accuracy rate of ±3°C, Beadle said.

Production quantities of the EMC1201, EMC1202, EMC1203 and EMC1204 devices are available now. Samples of the EMC1212, EMC1043 and EMC1053 are available immediately, with production quantities slated for December.

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Pricing for all of these devices ranges from 50 cents to $1.00 each in volume. Click here for the data sheets.

SMSC , 1-631-435-6000, www.SMSC.COM.

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