Top 10 ‘how-to’ articles for 2008

Top 'how-to' articles for 2008

Though Analog DesignLine Europe is not yet a year old, there has been the opportunity to run a very good selection of technical articles in our Design Center section during 2008. Power management, audio design and analog to digital conversion (and vice versa) proved particularly popular topics, and there will be lots more to come on these and others in the coming year. If you missed any of the following articles, then hopefully this 'top ten' (compiled using page view data only) is a prompt to take a closer look. Many thanks to all the authors (and commissioners) for their valuable contributions.

1. Switch-Mode Power Supplies – spice simulations and practical designs by Christophe P. Basso, author 'Switch-Mode Power Supplies'

2. Driving headphones: What’s the big deal? by Eric Haber, Wolfson Microelectronics

3. Integrated or discrete load switch – which should you use? Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2 by Qi Deng, Micrel

4. Basics of ADCs and DACs by Walt Kester and James Bryant, Analog Devices

5. Making MEMS: A short guide by Benedetto Vigna, STMicroelectronics

6. Making sense of light sensors by Tamara A. Papalias and Mike Wong, Intersil

7. Headphone amplifier selection – criteria for portable audio applications by David Brown, Wolfson Microelectronics

8. How Class D audio amplifiers work by Jun Honda & Jonathan Adams, International Rectifier

9. Taking the ‘black magic out of RF design by Paul McCormack, National Semiconductor

10. Choosing between a positive or negative buck topology in a switching regulator design by Hector Arroyo, National Semiconductor

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