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Top “Planet Analog” articles for 2011 (Part 2 of 2)

     It's customary to look back at the end of a year and see what the most popular articles were, and we are not going to ignore that custom. We are pleased to present the top design features of 2011 at Planet Analog , and we are listing them below for you with links. This way, you can see what your fellow engineers found interesting, or maybe catch up on something you missed.

     Unlike consumer publications, which like to use unusual or prime numbers on the theory that this attracts more eyeballs and attention (“17 ways to say it's over”;”37 ways to save money now”), we'll stick with a basic 12. We listed top items #7 through #12 last week (see here ), and we're doing #1 through #6 this week.

     A few points of which to be aware:

•If an article received a high number of page views in 2011, but was published (posted) before 2011, should we include it here? We made a judgment call and decided to stick only with those items which were first published in 2011. (There's no denying that some items published in 2010 and earlier are still going very strong.)

•Of course, articles which appeared later in the year have had less opportunity to get page views, compared to those which appeared earlier. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

•Finally, if an article that is part of an on-going series appeared in the top group, and some of the other series entries were near to it in rankings, we have collected them all into one “top” listing, for convenience. But we did not total up the individual scores to move that series up in the rankings: the first entry listed scored where it did on its own.

     One more thing : if you are interested in seeing which features received top page views at our sibling Designline sites, go to their respective home pages and you'll see similar “top articles” entries, each with a unique introduction and perspective by the respective site editor.

#6: SIGNAL CHAIN BASICS #57: RS-232-to-RS-485 converters used in industrial long-haul communication;

SIGNAL CHAIN BASICS #58: Analyze the RL drive in an ECG front end using SPICE;

SIGNAL CHAIN BASICS #59: Saving power and minimizing heat with power supply volume control

#5: Five things you should know about root mean square

#4: Problems and pitfalls with signal integrity at 10 Gbits/sec and beyond

#3: Designing capacitive sensing for a specific application (Part 1 of 3)

#2: Noise wars: Projected capacitance strikes back against internal noise

#1 : EMC Basics #11: An introduction to EMC shielding;

EMC Basics #12: Shielding materials solve electromagnetic-compatibility issues;

EMC Basics #10: EMC troubleshooting and power disturbances;

EMC Basics #1: Welcome!; and Clocks: critical circuits for EMC

Let me know what you think of this listing!

Editor's note : Liked this? Want more?

If you are interested in “analog” issues such as signal input/output (sensors and transducer, real-world I/O); interfacing (level shifting, drivers/receivers); the signal chain; signal processing (op amps, filters, ADCs and DACs); and signal integrity, then go to the Planet Analog home page here for the latest in design, technology, trends, products, and news. Also, sign up for our weekly Planet Analog Newsletter here.

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