Top ten products of 2007

top2007New York, NY—Vishay Intertechnology's wet tantalum high-energy capacitor was rated the most popular product for 2007. The HE3 capacitor is touted as having the highest capacitance of any similar device on the market, achieving a capacitance range of 3300 µF to 72000 µF and exhibiting low ESR of 0.035 ohms at 25°C and 1 kHz.

Still, readers were generally most interested in test and measurement products. Powerful spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes made their debut, with Link Instruments' battery-powered, 100-MHz spectrum analyzer leading the way. The PC-based oscilloscope connects to Windows using USB 2.0. LeCroy also generated a lot of interest with its mixed-signal oscilloscope for embedded system design and debug.

eeProductCenter's top 10 products for 2007
1: High-energy capacitor achieves ultra-high capacitance

2: 100-MHz scope/spectrum analyzer connects to Windows using USB

3: Low cost oscilloscopes keep digital memory turned on

4: DVB-H mobile TV chip integrates RF tuner, baseband functions

5: Cost-effective scopes time-correlate analog, digital signals

6: Headlamp LED delivers twice the brightness

7: Ultra Mobile PC hosts RF spectrum analyzer

8: Wireless audio solution enables high-fidelity, pop-free sound

9: Smallest fanless Mini-ITX computer?

10: 300-mV input-voltage boost converter throttles micro-fuel cells

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