Torex : LDO regulator offers stable output

Analogue power supply IC specialist Torex has unveiled the XC6501 Series of high-speed LDO voltage regulators. Featuring internal phase compensation, these devices ensure a stable output within a 1.2V to 5V range, without requiring a CL capacitor. The XC6501 is therefore an ideal choice for providing voltage regulation in space-constrained designs such as mobile phones, portable gaming devices and cameras.

Available in USP-3 and USP-4 packages, as well as in standard SSOT-24 and SOT-25 versions, the XC6501 Series integrates a reference voltage source, driver transistor, error amplifier, current limit circuit and phase compensation circuit. Internal phase compensation means that in addition to being tightly integrated, this part does not require output stabilisation, enabling designers to avoid the additional cost and space implications of using a separate CL capacitor. Performance is just as good without a CL capacitor as it is with.

The CMOS XC6501 Series boasts low noise and is highly precise. Output voltage can be internally set in 01.V increments. At typically 150mV with a 100mA load (Vout=2.8V), dropout voltage is low, further enhancing suitability to battery-powered applications.

Torex’ XC6501 regulators consume just 13mA in operation. This can be further reduced to less than 0.1mA when the part is put into stand-by mode using the CE pin available on the A, B, C & D versions. For applications where 13mA consumption is sufficiently low, the XC6501P version provides ‘always on’ capability and is available in an ultra small USP-3 package, measuring 1.2mm x 1.2mm and with a profile of just 0.6mm.

Should a CL capacitor be used, a high speed, internal auto-discharge switch is available with the B and D versions of the XC6501 Series. This feature enables the charge at the CL capacitor to be quickly discharged when a low signal is sent to the CE pin.

The XC6501 Series require input voltages of between 1.4V and 6V and typical ripple rejection is 50dB at 1kHz. Maximum output current is at least 200mA (300mA current limit typ.) over an operating temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC.

More in depth information about the XC6501 Series of high-speed LDO voltage regulators, which includes a supporting datasheet, can be found directly on Torex Semiconductor Europe’s website at:

In 2001 Torex Semiconductor Limited set up a separate European sales & logistics company, Torex Semiconductor Europe Limited, reflecting its buoyant sales in the European market over the last few years. Based near Loughborough in the UK, the new company provides all technical support and logistics for European customers.

To find out more about Torex Semiconductor and its product line-up, visit the company's website at:

Andy Scott, Torex Semiconductor Europe Ltd,

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