Toshiba Launches Industry’s Largest Embedded NAND Flash Memory Modules

IRVINE, Calif. , June 16 /PRNewswire/ — Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.(TAEC) and its parent company Toshiba Corporation* (TOKYO : 6502) today announced the launch of a 128-gigabyte (GB)(1) embedded NAND flash memory module, the highest capacity yet achieved in the industry(2). The module is fully compliant with the latest e-MMC™ (3) standard, and is designed for application in a wide range of digital consumer products, including smartphones, tablet PCs and digital video cameras. Samples will be available in September, and mass production will start in the fourth quarter (October to December) of 2010.

The new 128GB embedded device integrates sixteen 64Gbit(4) (equal to 8GB) NAND chips fabricated with Toshiba’s cutting-edge 32nm process technology and a dedicated controller into a small package 17 x 22 x 1.4mm(5). Toshiba is the first company to succeed in combining sixteen 64Gbit NAND chips, and applied advanced chip thinning and layering technologies to realize individual chips that are only 30 micrometers thick.

Toshiba offers a comprehensive line-up of single-package embedded NAND Flash memories in densities from 2GB to 128GB. They integrate a controller to manage basic control functions for NAND applications, and are compatible with the JEDEC e -MMC™ Version 4.4 and its new features. New samples of 64GB chips will also be available from August.

Demand continues to grow for large density chips that support high-resolution video and deliver enhanced storage, particularly in the area of embedded memories with a controller function that minimize development requirements and ease integration into system designs. Toshiba has established itself as an innovator in this key area, and is now reinforcing its leadership by being first to announce a 128GB generation module. 

New Product Line-up

Product Number



Sample Shipment

Mass Production



237 Ball FBGA


Sep t . 2010

4Q , 2010



64 GB

237 Ball FBGA


Aug. 2010

4Q , 2010


Key Features

  • The JEDEC e -MMC™ V4.4 compliant interface handles essential functions, including writing block management, error correction and driver software. It simplifies system development, allowing manufacturers to minimize development costs and speed time to market for new and upgraded products.
  • The 128GB device stacks sixteen 64Gbit chips fabricated with leading-edge 32nm process technology. Application of advanced chip thinning, layering and wire bonding technologies has allowed Toshiba to achieve individual chips only 30 micrometers thick, and to layer and bond them in a small package. The result is an embedded flash memory module with the industry's highest density.
  • The new products are sealed in a small FBGA package only 17 x 22 x 1.4mm and has a signal layout compliant with the JEDEC e -MMC™ V4.4.


e MMC™


JEDEC e MMC™ V4. 4 standard HS-MMC interface

Power Supply Voltage

2.7 V to 3.6V (memory core) ;

1. 65 V to 1.95V / 2.7V to 3.6V (interface)

Bus width

x1 , x4 , x8

Writ e Speed *

21 MB per sec . (7) (Sequential /Interleave Mode)

21 MB per sec . (7) (Sequential /No Interleave Mode ) *

Read Speed *

46 MB per sec . (Sequential Mode /Interleave Mode )

55 MB per sec . (Sequential /No Interleave Mode ) *

Temperature range

-25degrees to +85degees C elsius


153Ball FBGA (+ 84 support b all s )

* Target figures.


When used herein in relation to memory density, gigabyte and/or GB means 1,024×1,024×1,024 = 1,073,741,824 bytes. Usable capacity may be less. For details, please refer to specifications.

( 2 )

For embedded NAND flash memory modules. Source: Toshiba, June 2010.

( 3 )

e MMC™ is a trademark and a product category for a class of embedded memory products built to the JEDEC e MMC™ Standard specification.


When used herein in relation to memory density, gigabit and/or Gbit means 1,024×1,024×1,024 = 1,073,741,824 bits. Usable capacity may be less. For details, please refer to specifications.

( 5 )

Planned to be standardized to JEDEC specification.


For purposes of measuring read and write speed in this context, 1 Megabyte or MB = 1,000,000 bytes. Maximum read and write speed may vary depending on the device, read and write conditions, and file size.

*About Toshiba Corp. and TAEC

Through proven commitment, lasting relationships and advanced, reliable electronic components, Toshiba enables its customers to create market-leading designs. Toshiba is the heartbeat within product breakthroughs from OEMs, ODMs, CMs, distributors and fabless chip companies worldwide. A committed electronic components leader, Toshiba designs and manufactures high-quality flash memory-based storage solutions, discrete devices, displays, advanced materials, medical tubes, custom SoCs/ASICs, digital multimedia and imaging products, microcontrollers and wireless components that make possible today's leading cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, medical devices, automotive electronics and more.

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America, Inc., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, Japan 's largest semiconductor manufacturer and the world's third largest semiconductor manufacturer (Gartner, 2009 WW Semiconductor Revenue, April 2010 ).  Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 740 companies, with 204,000 employees worldwide and annual sales surpassing $68 billion .

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Information in this press release, including product pricing and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current and believed to be accurate on the date of the announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.  Technical and application information contained here is subject to the most recent applicable Toshiba product specifications.  In developing designs, please ensure that Toshiba products are used within specified operating ranges as set forth in the most recent Toshiba product specifications and the information set forth in Toshiba's “Handling Guide for Semiconductor Devices,” or “Toshiba Semiconductor Reliability Handbook.” This information is available at, or from your TAEC representative.

SOURCE Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

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