Touch-screen controller IC cuts power and response time

Geneva, Switzerland — STMicroelectronics has introduced the STMPE811, a four-wire resistive touch-screen controller featuring autonomous functionality to minimize demands on the host processor. For embedded designers, this frees up CPU cycles to ease pressures on performance, power consumption and response times.

Built-in features include an internal 12-bit ADC for high resolution as well as 128 x 32-bit FIFO data buffers for smooth position tracking. The STMPE811 also includes features for accurate position identification and a window-masking function to support multiple sense windows. A special low-power design achieves active current below 1 mA, idle current at less than 1 microampere, and an ultra-low-power 150 nA hibernation mode.

By combining these functions into a compact 3 x 3-mm QFN-16 package, the STMPE811 saves space and extends battery lifetime in portable applications such as PDAs, mobile phones, GPS receivers, game consoles and POS terminals.

Pricing: $0.95 in quantities of 10,000.
Availability: The STMPE811 is sampling now with mass production forecast for Q2 2008.
Datasheet: STMPE811

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