Touchstone expands low-power current-sense amplifier portfolio

Touchstone Semiconductor Inc. released two new members of its 1µA current-sense amplifier portfolio – the unidirectional TS1102 and the bidirectional TS1103.

The TS1101 and TS1103 current-sense amplifiers combine a very low 1µA supply current, a 200-µV (max) VOS, and very low (0.5% (max) gain error for TS1102 and 0.6% (max) gain error for the TS1103 for cost-sensitive applications. Both CSAs offer a wide input common-mode voltage range from 2V to 25V and each is available in four gain options: 25V/V, 50V/V, 100V/V and 200V/V.

The low input offset voltage performance exhibited by these two new CSAs enables design engineers to achieve improved accuracy and reduced current-sense resistor expense without increasing the power consumption. Applications include battery-powered and portable devices, including mobile phones, notebook computers, power management systems, motor control, load protection, current-shunt measurement and smart battery packs and chargers.

The TS1102 is form-factor identical to Maxim’s MAX9938 and the MAX9634 CSAs. Its 200-µV (max) VOS is 60% lower than the MAX9938’s input VOS and 20% lower than the MAX9634’s input VOS. It is also pin-for-pin to the industry-standard, 100-µV (max) VOS TS1100.

Key Specifications

  • Ultra-Low Supply Current: 1µA
  • Wide Input Common Mode Range: +2V to +25V
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: 200µV (max)
  • Low Gain Error: 0.5% (max) TS1102; 0.6% (max) TS1103
  • Voltage Output
  • Packaging: 5-Pin SOT23 (TS1102) and 6-Lead SOT23 (TS1103)
  • Four Gain Options Available:
  • TS1102-25/ TS1103-25: Gain = 25V/V
  • TS1102-50/ TS1103-50: Gain = 50V/V
  • TS1102-100/ TS1103-100: Gain = 100V/V
  • TS1102-200/ TS1103-200: Gain = 200V/V

Pricing starts at $0.61/each for the TS1102 and $0.84/each for the TS1103 in 1,000 piece quantities. The TS1102 and TS1103 are fully specified over the extended temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. These products are in stock and ready to ship from Digi-Key ( and Future Electronics (

Free samples and free demo boards are available to qualified engineers at

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