Track-and-hold amps aim for ultra-wideband apps

Westlake Village, Calif. — Inphi Corp. claims to have set a new industry standard with the launch of its GigaTrack family of 2 Gsamples/s track-and-hold amplifiers (THA) that deliver ultra-wide 18-GHz analog bandwidth.

The combined bandwidth, sample rate and linearity of these four track-and-holds are said to make possible direct conversion and software-defined receivers. The THAs operate from a single, -5.2 volt power supply and dissipate 1.3 watts.

GigaTrack track-and-holds will enable an entirely new class of instrumentation, communications, ATE, and military systems,” said Kevin Nary, Inphi's vice president of engineering. “In addition to providing the highest performance available, the low power dissipation and size of these devices will result in digital receivers and data acquisition systems that are themselves low power and compact,” he said.

With the GigaTrack THAs, engineers can for the first time replace numerous components in traditional heterodyne receiver architectures with a track-and-hold and a high sample rate analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, Nary said. “The resulting receivers are lower power and more compact than traditional heterodyne receivers and they provide far more flexibility,” he said.

The BGA versions of the GigaTrack family offer 18 GHz (small signal) and 15 GHz (0.5 V peak to peak) input analog bandwidths with >60 ps settling times. Plastic QFN versions provide 13-GHz analog bandwidth (100 millivolts peak to peak).

Total harmonic distortion (-70 dB typical at 1 GHz and 500 mV peak to peak input) and aperture jitter (<50 fs) support improved A/D converter signal-to-noise-and-distortion ratios, according to Nary.

The 1820TH and 1821TH are both supported in a 49-pin, 6-mm BGA package. The 1821TH is also offered in die form.

The 1820TH and 1821TH with clock mode select are priced at $489 and $549, respectively in 1,000-piece quantities. The lower bandwidth 1320TH and 1321TH are supported in a 24-pin, 4-mm QFN package priced at $329 and $379, respectively in same quantities. Click here for additional product information.

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