Trade Forex Using Professional Trading Platforms from IFX Singapore

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SINGAPORE, April 18, 2012

SINGAPORE , April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Through the downloadable and online trading platforms available through IFX Singapore, forex traders can trade on live price movements more easily, from wherever they are, whenever they want.

Trading Forex with IFX

Trade forex with IFX Singapore and access multiple innovative trading tools and resources to help you to improve your trading experience.

It's quick and easy to start trading forex with IFX Singapore – first you need a forex trading account.

Step 1. Apply: Applying is easy, simple and secure to do. Apply online, at any time, by filling in the application form.

Once we have completed our verification process, you will receive an email with your account number as confirmation that your account has been opened.

Step 2. Fund your Account: Transfer funds into your account to start trading. Your initial deposit needs to be minimum SGD500 .

With your initial deposit in place, you can now access the powerful range of IFX Singapore trading platforms.

Step 3. Start Trading: Now that the application process is complete, log in to IFX Singapore and choose which trading platform you would like to use to trade forex.

Advantage Trader

For those choosing to trade on the downloadable Advantage Trader platform, they will benefit from a host of unique trading tools, including hundreds of built in strategies and technical analysis tools as well as powerful risk management tools.

Specifically created for professional forex traders, IFX Singapore have utilised their extensive forex trading experience to offer their clients a competitive edge in the forex trading marketplace.

Through expert trading tools and resources, traders can benefit from a much more thorough trading experience.

Key features of the Advantage Trader include: 

  • Customisable platform layouts, charting packages and price alerts
  • Create your own trading strategies 
  • Utilise 100+ built in trading strategies 
  • Access a suite of advanced trading and risk management tools
  • Access 100+ advanced technical indicator packages

Advantage Web

Traders looking to have greater access to the trading platform can use the Advantage Web trading platform; the web based option which can be accessible from any browser, from anywhere in the world.

Designed to enable traders to place secure trades quickly and easily from their IFX Singapore account; they can also monitor existing trades, access live prices, attach stop loss and limit orders, check the status of their positions, view account information and much more.

Key features of Advantage Web include: 

  • Trade on 37 currency pairs
  • 24-hour trading
  • Instant access to the Advantage Web charting package and technical indicators
  • Customisable interface to suit your needs
  • Create multiple watch lists

Why choose IFX Singapore

Access your forex trading account with IFX Singapore from virtually wherever you are, 24-hours a day. Through their suite of professional trading platforms – including the downloadable Advtange Trader and browser-based Advantage Web – you can trade on 37 currency pairs in a way to suit you.

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