TRAFFIQ Adds Advanced Functionality in July

New Agency-Facing Features Streamline Media Management Process

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NEW YORK, July 12, 2011

NEW YORK , July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — TRAFFIQ ®, the digital media management platform for advertisers, recently released several features that help agency users streamline the digital media buying process. Led by TRAFFIQ's VP, Product Management, Bridget Bidlack , under the direction of Chief Product Officer Eric Picard , the recent update now integrates important functionality that agency users have been requesting:

Private Marketplaces

TRAFFIQ's new Private Marketplace functionality enables agencies to work directly with specific inventory providers—whether or not they sell within the current TRAFFIQ Marketplace, and assign their own sales representative. Previously, advertisers would be restricted to working with the 3,000 plus vendors within the TRAFFIQ Marketplace, and utilize a specific sales representative assigned to the Marketplace. The new “Private Marketplace” functionality gives approved users the ability to set up any publisher in the system, and invite them into the RFP process (or simply import a media buy directly into the platform). This functionality ensures that even small, regional publishers or narrowly focused B2B sites can be easily bought with the TRAFFIQ interface, and gives agencies an unlimited amount of choice.

Finance Management

Also new to TRAFFIQ is the ability for users to set how different fees appear to their clients within the platform, which is especially important to registered agencies. Agencies can choose to expose data and platform management fees separately to clients, to wrap those expenses into the media cost, and also manage their margins. Fees are managed on a campaign-by-campaign basis, reflecting the varying fees an agency may have for different clients and campaigns. Now, automatically generated client reports may be sent without the agency having to modify fees, based on their markup, saving time and streamlining the reporting cycle.

Multiple User Permissions

TRAFFIQ now offers agencies the ability to set multiple user permissions, so that managers can assign specific advertisers to specific individuals or teams within an agency. Multiple levels of permissioning gives managers the ability to set an individual user's level of platform access, depending on the need, making the TRAFFIQ platform more scalable for large agencies with multiple clients and buying groups.

“TRAFFIQ has always been easy to manage for the direct advertiser, but some workarounds were required for high volume media agencies that supported multiple clients, and complex publisher relationships,” remarked Bridget Bidlack , TRAFFIQ's VP, Product Management “Our team has been listening to feedback from our agency customers and has delivered many of the requested features that make TRAFFIQ a much more efficient agency workflow tool.”

Registered TRAFFIQ users can continue to purchase media sold within the TRAFFIQ Marketplace at no cost, but must request Private Marketplace functionality by contacting a TRAFFIQ representative. TRAFFIQ's upcoming July release will feature advanced ad serving upgrades, as well as easy-to-use tools that help streamline the ad operations process.


TRAFFIQ ( is an end-to-end digital media planning, buying and management platform. It facilitates the buying and selling of display media with ease and efficiency, yielding maximum return on investment. Marketplace members include the leading advertisers, ad agencies and publishers. TRAFFIQ is a member of the IAB advisory board, helping educate interactive advertisers and publishers on best practices for industry growth. TRAFFIQ is headquartered in New York City , with offices in Vienna, VA . For more information, contact us at


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