Transceiver rolls for high-speed FireWire

Brussels, Belgium—At a 1-Gbits/s data transmission speed, the EQCO 800SC transceiver chip from EqcoLogic NV can transmit IEEE 1394b FireWire signals two ways simultaneously over a single COAX cable.

The EQCO 800SC employs the company's proprietary equalizer technology, allowing data transfer over extended lengths of any COAX cable.

The device is available for both 50-ohm and 75-ohm cable, matching the impedance of conventional TV-type cable as well as the thin COAX typically used in automotive and industrial applications.

“New connectivity solutions like EqcoLogic's equalizer and transceiver products add low cost and flexibility to the speed and reliability of 1394 links, giving customers new options in industrial, consumer and automotive applications,” said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association.

The EQCO 800SC transceiver is sampling now with production slated for summer 2007. The EQCO 800SC circuit will be sold alongside the company's existing EQCO 400T device, which is used to deliver long-haul IEEE 1394 connectivity over Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cable.

Sample pricing for the EQCO 800SC is $8 each.

For a datasheet in pdf format, click here.

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