Transimpedance Amplifier – targeted at OSA manufacturers

Helix AG , a leading manufacturer of Optical Receiver Transmitter Array (ORTA) products used in parallel optical link transceivers, announced the availability of single channel devices for the optical transceiver market. These devices cover 4X Fibre Channel and IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

The devices are targeted at Optical Sub-assembly (OSA) manufacturers using advanced packages and TO46. The single channel device market is a natural extension of the company's existing array-based products that have market leadership and have been designed into leading edge telecom equipment manufacturer switches. The single channel design uses very few external components compared to other vendors.

The HXR3401 is a transimpedance amplifier used in the emerging 4X Fibre Channel market. Receiver sensitivity of better than -20 dBm at 850 nm can be achieved. The device is compact and can be used in cost effective TO-can. Power consumption is less than 100 mW typically. No external components are required other than supply filtering. An RSSI output is available for active alignment support.

The HXR3101 and HXT3101 make up the chipset used for 10G optical transmissions. The transmitter is used with flip chip assembly techniques to enable OSA with a pure digital input. The driver can drive up to 8 mA average current and 8 mA modulation current. With a photodetector, closed-loop optical power control is provided in an extremely compact device.

The HXR3101 is closely related to the HXR3401 . It has been optimized for 10Gbps performance and -17 dBm at 850 nm has been achieved.

Helix AG , 8008 Zurich, Switzerland.

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