Transimpedance amps see more of the photosensor’s output

Jena, Germany&#8212MAZeT's second-generation of programmable-gain transimpedance (current-to-voltage) amplifiers, the MTI04CS/CQ, are suited for the company's JenColour photosensor family for evaluating light in tough-to-access environments or where the sensitivity of the human eye is inadequate. The transimpedance of these multichannel amplifiers, which compensates for the input capacitance of the photosensors (5 to 80 pF), is programmable in eight steps, from 25 kilohms to 20 megohms, via three input pins.

The MTI04CS/CQ, suited to opto arrays in the ultraviolet, visible, near infrared, and infrared regions for industrial temperature and distance measurement applications, integrates 4 channels on a single chip. The amps tout improved sensitivity, by a factor of four (sensitivity down to 25 nA), and less noise. The amps also have a new power-saving mode.

Click here for the device datasheet. The chips are available in SOP16 (CS version) and QSOP16 (CQ version) packages. Pricing information has not yet been released.

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