TransLattice Unveils TransLattice Automation Kit for Streamlined Cluster Management

New Tool Aimed at IT Administrators in Global Enterprises

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 20, 2012

SANTA CLARA, Calif. , June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — TransLattice, the geographically distributed database and application platform company for enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments, today announced the availability of its TransLattice Automation Kit (TAK). By enabling system administration professionals to easily script routine management functions, TAK provides a simple, efficient way to manage large clusters of TransLattice nodes.


TransLattice offers a global high-performance computing fabric created from a cluster of identical nodes that work cooperatively to ensure that SQL-based, mission-critical applications and databases have unprecedented availability. While geographically distributed nodes offer clear advantages in system resilience and latency reduction, administrators must be responsive in adapting resources to changing business needs. TAK allows administrators to automatically orchestrate the deployment and configuration of TransLattice databases and applications.

“In addition to scale-related changes, administrators are responsible for implementing changes in response to shifts in corporate policy, data jurisdiction and compliance requirements,” said Michael Lyle , TransLattice CTO. “TAK is designed to make all those changes easier to handle, especially in large cluster environments, increasing administrator productivity and reducing configuration errors.”

Using TAK, administrators can easily integrate the provisioning and de-provisioning of TransLattice resources into existing management processes. By automating routine management tasks -including scaling to additional nodes, specifying data placement policies, upgrading software, deploying new applications or databases and configuring database authentication – TAK allows administrators to easily manage large transaction processing environments. TAK's simple-to-use interface makes duplicating cluster environments for multi-tenancy or testing purposes easy. 

Key TAK benefits include:

  • Efficiency  – Automating processes allows administrators to manage large numbers of nodes at once.
  • Consistency  – Repetitive tasks, such as pausing and activating domains, can be scripted for re-use and integrated with existing IT management systems.
  • Ease of use  – Duplicating clusters is fast and reliable. A “set it and forget it” scripting interface automates routine functions.

About TransLattice
TransLattice is the geographically distributed database and application platform company that provides data where and when it is needed, for enterprise, cloud and hybrid environments. This new approach to enterprise and cloud infrastructure results in significantly reduced costs and deployment complexity, while dramatically improving system reliability, scalability and response time. TransLattice was founded in 2007, and officially launched in August 2010 . For more information, please visit

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