Transmit/receive switch protects ultrasound circuits from high voltage pulses

High voltage analog and mixed signal IC company, Supertex, Inc., has introduced the MD0100, a high voltage, two terminal, bi-directional voltage protection device that consumes minimal power while protecting receiver circuitry of ultrasound systems from high voltage transmitter pulses.

The MD0100 replaces the conventional discrete transmit/receive solution and requires no diode bridges, inductors, resistors or power rails. The IC typically reduces component counts from up to twelve to one. Once the voltage drop across its two terminals exceeds ±2 V, the device will begin shutting down. In shut down mode, it can withstand up to ±100 V. Because the IC does not require a power supply, there is no thermal noise from the switch, which is not the case in the current discrete solution.

“Supertex's MD0100 provides ultrasound system designers with an easily implementable solution that saves both board space and power consumption,” said Ahmed Masood, Vice President of Marketing for Supertex. “The IC features fast switching speeds and low on resistance of 15 ohms for minimal return signal attenuation and ultrasound images that are virtually undistorted.”

The MD0100 is available in one and two channel options. The one channel device is in a SOT-89 package (MD0100N8-G). The two channel part is in an 8-lead DFN package (MD0100DK6-G). Both parts are RoHS compliant.

Availability and Pricing

Samples are available from stock. Lead-time for production quantities is 4-6 weeks ARO. Pricing is $1.05 each for the MD0100N8-G and $2.10 for the MD0100DK6-G, both in 1K quantities.



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