Transmitter, receiver chips extend HDTV

Wilmington, Mass.&#8212Poised for the rising tide of high-definition audio and video systems, Analog Devices has extended its line of High-Definition Multimedia Interface ICs with seven new transmitter, receiver and multiplexer chips that support HDMI v1.2a signals up to UXGA resolutions (1600-by-1200 at 60 Hz) and DVI (digital video interface) v1.0.

The AD9889B and AD9389B transmitters are suited for DVD players, digital video recorders (DVRs), digital cameras, gaming consoles, display projection systems, and cable and satellite set-top boxes. The devices support up to 165 MHz. Both transmitters offer designers the flexibility of selecting between internal (AD9389B) or external (AD9889B) high bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) keys, which protect the integrity of transmissions to prevent unauthorized copying of protected content.

The ADV7441 (10-bit), ADV7443 (12-bit) and AD9388 (10-bit) single-chip receivers integrate all the functions necessary to receive and digitize high-quality video from HD and legacy inputs. The ADV7441 and ADV7443 integrate a multi-format video decoder and graphic digitizer with a dual input HDMI receiver. The video decoder supports NTSC/PAL/SECAM formats with high sensitivity for weak-signal (RF) conditions. The AD9388 integrates a 12-channel analog input component digitizer with a dual-input HDMI receiver. With the capability to support multiple analog and HDMI inputs, the AD9388 will enable connection to VCRs, set-top-boxes, DVD players/recorders, game consoles, A/V receivers and DVRs. These receivers feature on-chip adaptive cable equalization to ensure signal integrity for cable lengths up to 30 meters at full HD (1080 pixel) resolution. The three devices are also pin-compatible, enabling television manufacturers to utilize a single platform layout for multiple designs. These devices also support S/PDIF, and I2 S audio up to 7.1-surround sound at 192 kHz. The AD9889B and AD9389B also support additional functionality in HDMI v1.3.

The company's HDMI multiplexers allow advanced TV designs to include up to two (AD8190) or four (AD8191) HDMI inputs in their systems. Thus, end users can connect multiple DVD players/recorders, DVRs,
game consoles and set-top boxes to their televisions. Apart from existing HDMI multiplexers, these products leverage an advanced equalizer technology that enables consumers to connect the highest-resolution
(1080 pixel) HD equipment over more than 20 meters of cable. Until now, says the company, existing HDMI multiplexers limited consumers to 5 meters or less of HDMI connecting cable. The devices' high-speed inputs are fully buffered and 50-ohm terminated, which reduces part count, simplifies board layout and improves signal integrity at higher data rates.

Click here to access the AD9889B datasheet; contact the company directly for more information on the AD9389B, as well as for the ADV7441 and ADV7443 receivers. Click here for general information on the AD9388. Click here to access the datasheet for the AD8190 multiplexer, and here for the AD8191.

The AD9889B transmitter (6-by-6 mm BGA), available in sampling now and in production quantities in November; and the AD9389B (9-by-9 mm LFCSP), sampling in September, production in November, are priced at $5.16 and $5.65 each, respectively, both in 1k quantities. The ADV7441, ADV7443, and AD9388 receivers, all in 20-by-20 mm LQFPs, are available in sampling now and will be in production quantities in November; contact the company for pricing. The AD8190 multiplexer (available now in a 56-pin LFCSP) is priced at $2.50. The AD8191 multiplexer (samples available now, available in production quantities in October), in a 100-pin TQFP, is priced at $4.75.

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