Triple 10-bit video DAC cruises at 330 MSPS

The TDA8777 from Philips Semiconductor consists of three separate 10-bit video Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) with complementary outputs. They convert the digital input signals into analog current outputs at a maximum conversion rate of 330 MHz.
The DACs are based on current source architecture.
A sync pulse can be added to the green signal (Sync-On-Green) to allow devices driven by the video DAC to be synchronized.

The TDA8777 has a Power-down mode to reduce power consumption during inactive periods.
The TDA8777 is fabricated in a CMOS process that ensures high functionality with low power dissipation.
Features include:
Triple 10-bit DAC
Sampling rate up to 330 Msps
Internal voltage reference (1.21 V)
Complementary output
Direct drive of double terminated 75 Ohm load into standard level
TTL compatible input
Sync and blank control inputs
Analog output current source
Power-down mode
3.3 V power supply
LQFP48 package.

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Applications for the TDA8777 include, PC video cards, high resolution image processing, digital video systems, and general purpose high speed digital-to-analog conversion.

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