Triple 8-bit video ADC captures graphic signals at 270 MSPS

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The Philips Semiconductors TDA8754 is a triple 8-bit ADC with an integrated PLL running from 12 to 270 MSPS and analog preprocessing functions (a clamp and PGA) optimized for capturing RGB/YUV graphic signals. The PLL generates a pixel clock from two inputs (HSYNC and COAST).

The TDA8754 offers sync processing for sync-on-green applications. A clamp signal may be generated internally or provided externally. The clamp levels, gains and other settings are controlled via the I2 C-bus interface.

The 8754 supports display resolutions up to QXGA (2048 x 1536) at 85 Hz. It is designed to convert RGB/YUV signals coming from an analog source into digital data used by a LCD driver (pixel clock up to 270 MHz with analog source) or projection systems. The three ADCs are designed to convert R, G and B (or Y, U and V) signals at a maximum frequency of 270 MSPS. The ADC input range is 1 V (p-p) full-scale and the pipeline delay is 2 ADC clock cycles from the input sampling to the data output.

Maximum data rate:
Single port mode: 140 MHz
Dual port mode: 270 MHz
PLL generates the ADC sampling clock that can be locked on the line frequency from 15 to 150 kHz

410 MHz analog bandwidth
Two independent analog inputs
Analog input from 0.5 to 1 V (p-p) to produce a full-scale ADC input of 1 V (p-p)

RGB/YUV high-speed digitizing
LCD panels drive
LCD projection system

The TDA8754 is available now in LQFP-144 packages.

TDA8754 Data Sheet

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