Triple 8-bit video data converter optimized for LCD monitors, projectors and TVs

San Jose, California, October 21, 2003 – Royal Philips Electronics expanded its portfolio of analog to digital interface products with the introduction of the TDA8754 triple 8-bit video data converter. Optimized for use in liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, projectors and televisions, the TDA8754 converts RGB/YUV signals from virtually any analog source into digital data. The TDA8754 then digitally processes the data for use in high-speed flat panel displays with resolution up to QXGA (2048 x 1536 at 85Hz) and high definition televisions (HDTVs), eliminating the need for external components for processing data. This integrated functionality reduces component costs and simplifies the design process.

Digital display systems are experiencing rapid growth, with In-Stat MDR predicting thirty percent growth for LCD PC monitors and business projectors and sixty percent growth for digital TV monitors between 2002 and 2007. With the proliferation of digital display systems, there is the need for devices that support the transition from analog to digital. Philips is enabling this transition by offering systems that support both analog and digital standards as well as devices such as the TDA8754. With two analog inputs, a wide speed range and robust SYNC processing for compliance with all analog video formats, the TDA8754 provides customers with a flexible solution for converting analog video signals under 8-bits into triple 8 parallel data streams for quality digital picture.

In addition to offering the highest digitalization speeds on the market (from SVGA up to QXGA 85Hz) and robust SYNC processing, Philips' TDA8754 also features low phased lock loop (PLL) jitter for high accuracy sampling and picture quality. The integrated ADC shows outstanding performances such as an effective number of bits (ENOB) of 7.6 bit and a differential non-linearity (DNL) of 0.25 least significant bits (LSB) under the condition that clock frequency is 270 MHz and input frequency is 10 MHz. Other features include frame and field detection, full operation +3.3V and low power dissipation. The TDA8754 also comes in a package with a footprint of 17 mm X 17 mm, the smallest footprint on the market for these types of devices.

Philips TDA8754 is currently available in LQFP144 and LBGA208 packaging. The 110Msps version in LQFP144 is available for US$6 in quantities of 10K. The LBGA208 package is pin-to-pin compatible with Philips' TDA8756 and is available for US$7 in quantities of 10K. The TDA8756 offers the same functionality as the TDA8754 with the additional benefit of a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) receiver that includes High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

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