Triple linear regulator is optimized for noise sensitive distributed power

austriamicrosystems has extended its low drop out regulator portfolio with the AS1355 triple LDO, capable of delivering up to 300 mA at its regulated outputs.

The AS1355 low dropout linear regulators efficient set of programmable power supplies is optimized to deliver the best compromise between quiescent current and regulator performance for mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and other battery powered portable devices as well as for distributed power circuits. Stability is guaranteed with ceramic output capacitors of only 1 μF. The low equivalent series resistance (ESR) of these capacitors ensures low output impedance at high frequencies.

Regulation performance is claimed to be excellent even under low dropout conditions, when the power transistor has to operate in linear mode. The low-noise performance allows direct connection of noise sensitive circuits without additional filtering networks. The AS1355 triple linear regulator is available in a 16-pin QFN 3 x 3 package.

“austriamicrosystems' AS1355 LDO provides an ultra compact solution for multiple and variable voltage loads” said Bruce Ulrich, Marketing Director Consumer & Communications at austriamicrosystems. “In many applications both from an unregulated DC-DC source and batteries, multiple non standard point of load (POL) voltages are becoming more common. The AS1355 LDO takes advantage of austriamicrosystems Final Test Trim (FTT) capability enabling customers to realize either samples or production quantities of non standard output voltages within two weeks. At $0.42 for 1K pcs the AS1355 is a superb addition to our new 'Performance without the Premium' range of LDOs.”



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