Triple video amp has integrated filters and sync circuitry

Dallas&#8212Texas Instruments says its THS7327 is the industry's first video amplifier IC with integrated filters for handling both analog RGB and digital horizontal and vertical (HV) sync signals. The chip, for video projectors, professional video, broadcast video, computer display, traditional and digital TV systems, claims up to an 80 percent savings in board space versus traditional amplifier solutions.

Working from a single 2.7- to 5-volt supply, the THS7327 integrates three analog video channels and two digital channels for HV sync, greatly simplifying systems design and reducing component count. The three analog channels incorporate unity-gain buffering and monitor feed-through paths to handle all standard video formats, including RGB, YPbPr and CVBS. Designers gain flexibility with the amplifier's I2 C-programmable functions including integrated two-to-one input multiplexers to enable switching of multiple video sources; fifth-order antialiasing filters to enable use with multiple video standards; and input bias modes including DC, DC plus level shift, AC and AC sync tip clamp to enable interfacing to multiple video sources.

The programmable filters and input bias modes provide all the common analog signal conditioning requirements for implementing the following standards, while eliminating the need for more than 20 external components. These include a 9-MHz filter for SDTV video including CVBS, S-Video and 480i/576i;16-MHz filter for EDTV 480p/576p and VGA signals; 35-MHz filter for HDTV 720p/1080i and SVGA signals; and 75-MHz filter for HDTV 1080p and XGA/SXGA signals. For UXGA/QXGA RGB signals, the filters can be bypassed to provide 500-MHz bandwidth and 1150 V/microsecond slew rate amplifiers to buffer the signals.

Each analog channel, with an integrated programmable filter, provides a unity-gain buffer for input into a video decoder or video analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a separate path without a filter for monitor pass-through. The monitor pass-through section includes a 6-dB gain output buffer with SAG correction capability, bandwidth of 500 MHz and slew rate of 1300 V/microsecond.

Click here for the product datasheet. The THS7327, available now Pb-free and RoHS-compliant 48-pin TQFP package, is priced at $3.35 each in 1k quantities. A complete evaluation module is also available for $199.

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