TV audio DSP incorporates Dolby Volume technology

Cirrus Logic has introduced what is offered as the first audio DSP to feature Dolby Laboratories' Dolby Volume sound-leveling technology for digital television applications. The technology enables the CS48DV2 fixed-function, two-channel processor to deliver consistent user-set volume levels from television content, regardless of the source or content – eliminating continually variable volume levels from commercials or switching channels.

The Dolby Volume sound processing engine is based on how humans actually perceive and process sound, and comprises two volume control technologies: Modeler and Leveler. Leveler continually measures the perceptual loudness of audio content and applies multiband gain modifications using its perceptual processing engine, allowing audio from multiple sources to have the same perceived loudness level.

The Volume Modeler continually analyzes and modifies the audio depending on both the content and the playback level, restoring it to the way it would be perceived at the reference playback level. According to the company, the result is improved imaging, intelligibility and audibility of the audio content.

“Dolby Volume technology is without a doubt one of the must-have features for 2008 digital television designs, and with the CS48DV2, Cirrus Logic can help TV manufacturers offer this quickly, easily and with minimal cost,” said Terry Ritchie, DSP marketing director, Cirrus Logic. “Analyst studies suggest that incorporating Dolby Volume technology into DTV products can give manufacturers a significant edge against their competitors ” precisely because it's solving a problem that's been a real source of frustration for consumers.”

The CS48DV2 is available now in volume in 48-pin QFPs. Pricing is $4.78 in 10,000 quantities.

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