TV-on-chip devices debut

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Fabless semiconductor vendor Telegent Systems, Inc ., announces production shipment of the company's first-generation TV receiver chip. It's designated the TLG1100 .

Telegent is concurrently rolling out a TV-on-chip device called the TLG1130 . These devices are expected to enable handset manufacturers and carriers to introduce new products with mobile TV, and do it before the holiday season.

Antenna To Digital Output

Both the TLG1100 and TLG1130 integrate all major mobile TV receiver functions, from antenna input to digital video output. Currently, the TLG1100 supports NTSC and PAL video formats, which makes it suitable for both US and European designs.

The TLG1130 supports DVB-H, DVB-T , NTSC, and PAL. Moreover, the hybrid TLG1130 enables the reception of both existing and new mobile broadcasts. This gives end-users the ability to watch network programs, as well as supporting emerging made-for-mobile content.

Low Dissipation

By combining expertise in RF, mixed-signal, and DSP (digital signal processing), Telegent Systems developed its patent-pending SureTrak technology. The company claims SureTrak will increase sensitivity, and support legacy and new broadcast standards.

It's also a low dissipation technology, which is what's needed for battery-powered mobile devices. SureTrak permits up to 4.5 hours of viewing time on cellphones.

Through a multipath and Doppler compensation algorithm, SureTrak also preserves video quality in a mobile environment. It's been proven to be robust at speeds in excess of 265-miles/hr (430-km/hr) while maintaining audio fidelity.

Finally, by integrating most functions into a single chip, the device reduces component-count and simplifies handset design-in.

Telegent company also provides system design expertise, ranging from antenna and RF design to complete reference design kits.

For more details contact Telegent Systems, Inc., 455 West Maude Ave., Suite 220, Sunnyvale, Calif. 94085. Phone: 408-523-2800. E-mail:

Telegent Systems , 408-523-2800,

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